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Highgate Cemetery

The place of dueling magicians and mobs of stake-bearing vampire hunters once was London’s creepiest cemetery. Among the remarkable Victorian and Egyptian influenced mausolea are the gravestones of Karl Marx; sci-fi author Douglas Adams; James Holman, a sightless 19th-century adventurer known as “the Blind Traveler”; and Adam Worth, a famous criminal and the possible inspiration for Sherlock Holmes’s nemesis, Professor Moriarty.

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The Ruins of St. Dunstan-in-the-East

This destroyed church has become one of London Blitz’s few remaining casualties, an enchanting public garden.

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British Library Treasures Gallery

The library houses a fantastic collection of some of the most impressive manuscripts and books in the world.

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The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History

The Last Tuesday Society’s shop-come-gallery is a modern-day curiosity cabinet unassumingly placed along an urban thoroughfare.

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The Hardy Tree

Hundreds of gravestones laid there by author Thomas Hardy surround this churchyard arbor.

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Platform 9 3/4

Kings Cross Station honors its role in the best-selling book series in Britain.

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The Mail Rail

Hidden under London’s streets is a secret subway carrying only mail.

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The Cross Bones Graveyard

A place of decency, civility, and god-fearing was post-medieval London. But London’s post-medieval suburbs were another story in Cross Bones Graveyard, filled with prostitution, disease, and mass burial.

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Magic Circle Museum

The Magic Circle of Britain is a secret group of illusionists who set out to keep the magic in magic. Although illusionists are not inclined to reveal their secrets, curious conjurors can take a look at the mysterious collection held in the museum of their headquarters.

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221b Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes ‘ popularity led to his fictional address, turning askew the orderly street numbers in London.

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The Churchill War Rooms

Hidden deep beneath Westminster’s streets lies what once was one of London’s most secret and protected parts. As the German Air Force pulverized Britain during the Blitz, the British government was protected by a system of bunkers and tunnels.

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Kensal Green Cemetery and Catacombs

Kensal Green is one of the oldest public burial grounds and the first of the 19th-century Victorian garden cemeteries “Magnificent Seven” constructed in the suburbs of London.

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Replica of the Golden Hinde

When Sir Francis Drake returned in 1580 from his epic circumnavigation of the globe, the Queen declared that his ship should be preserved.The ship slowly rotted in place, though well-loved, surviving almost a century before decline made it a lost cause.

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The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is part of a small European chain of attractions, each tailored to their city’s local history, featuring dramatic and shocking recreations of such real-life horrors as the mad King Henry VIII, Guy Fawkes ‘ bombing plot, and of course, a fully explorable series of Whitechapel alleys stalked by Jack the Ripper.

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Temple of Mithras

Worldwide conspiracy theorists look for signs of secret societies at major financial centers. The ancient Rome had its secret societies long before Illuminati, Masons, or even Templars had instituted their secret handshakes and hidden fraternity.

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Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret

You can nearly hear the screams of the unanesthetized patients in this cobwebbed old operating theater.

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Gordon Museum of Pathology

One of the largest pathological specimen collections in the world.

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The Imperial War Museum London

This massive British military artifact collection includes the men’s heartbreaking personal letters in WWI trenches.

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Dennis Severs’ House

Dennis Severs ‘ house is a four-story “dramatic still life,” a detailed recreation of a family home spanning centuries of London history, a house caught between past and obsession. What visitors experience, however, is far more interesting than that.

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Freud Museum London

Here the pioneer of psychoanalysis spent the last year of his life, seeing patients still on that famous couch.

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Geffrye Museum

The Geffrye Museum takes visitors on a journey back in time through a series of recreated parlors and drawing rooms offering an insight into the evolution of tastes, styles, and life in general among the English middle class over several centuries.

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Michael Faraday’s Laboratory

The lab where the savant made his groundbreaking findings is preserved on the basement level of the Faraday Museum.

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